Now that the decision is made to completely remodel the master bathroom, there is the need to make some decisions about the shower. That includes settling on the right Shower Doors in Atlanta GA. Here are a few tips that will help the homeowner choose a design that will work well for many years to come.

The Type of Glass

Those Shower Doors in Atlanta GA will most likely include glass. The question that remains is what sort of glass would the customer prefer? Some people like clear glass for the doors, especially if there is not a lot of natural light in the space. Others prefer a measure of privacy and will want to go with frosted glass as part of the design. Keep in mind that using mirrored glass would help make the smaller bathroom seem larger and also provide plenty fo privacy for anyone who is taking a shower.

Framed or Frameless?

The Shower Doors in Atlanta GA can be designed to include metal framing or be free of any real frame at all. Keep in mind that both choices are stable and will function with ease. One point in favor of frameless doors is that keeping them clean is a little easier. Soap scum can collect at the point where the frame and the glass meet, requiring some additional scrubbing time. If framed doors are preferred, keep in mind that they come in more finishes than the basic stainless steel. That makes it easier to have the doors be an integral part of the overall color scheme and not just a practical addition.

Swinging or Sliding Doors?

Another point to ponder is whether the shower doors should open outward into the bathroom or slide along rails. The latter option is very practical in terms of not taking up much space when the door is open. For this reason, people who are working with smaller spaces often choose to go with sliding doors. Swinging doors do work very well in a larger space and will also be a nice design element.

For more ideas about shower doors, visit MG Glass Inc and have a look at the different selections. It will not take long to find the ideal type of doors and have them delivered for installation in the renovated space.

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