Quartz countertops, though costly, are the simplest and most convenient to maintain. Actually, quartz is hyped as one the finest kitchen countertops due to its great hardness and resistance to abrasion. In addition, quartz is available in a wide variety of colors and textures. There’s no doubt that quartz countertops can be cleaned and maintained with ease. Nevertheless, before considering the techniques of caring as well as cleaning these countertops, it is important that you understand the features of this amazing stone which make it so simple to maintain.

One of the features that make quartz countertops in Maple Grove MN stand out from other popular countertop materials is that quartz is rated 7 on Moh’s scale of hardness. This brings it close to those of several gemstones. For this reason, it is less prone to chipping or damage. Its scratch and heat resistant surface makes it ideal for kitchen countertops. It’s a non porous substance, thus its does not absorb stains like those from colored foods, oil, or any other similar items. Furthermore, its non- porous property makes it resistant to mildew and mold. Also, quartz does not need to be sealed because it is sealed during the finishing process. Presented below are some tips for cleaning quartz countertops in Maple Grove MN

You can utilize mild soap cleaners to clean these slabs. Also, you can utilize stone cleaners to keep these countertops shinning. Avoid cleaners that contain bleach and heavy chemicals. Cleaning your countertop using a sponge and hot water everyday is sufficient. Do not utilize soap to clean your slabs every single day because it can lead to the buildup of soap residue. When your countertop gets stained, you can use a cleaner that is slightly stronger. Nevertheless, you should never use any abrasive substance on your countertop. Even though it is resistant to scratch, using such materials may weaken it. A mild abrasive pad is appropriate enough. A solution of water and vinegar solution works well also to remove tougher stains on the surface of your quartz countertops. If you take good care of your countertop, you will not have much difficulty with this wonderful stone countertop. Head over to Granite Unlimited Inc. for more info about quartz countertops.


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