Car accidents are now so common that experts warn one out of four people will be involved in an accident in their lifetime. The odds of an accident occurring are increased further when drivers are negligent and do not follow the rules of the road. When someone has become the victim of a serious accident, they need to understand how to file a Car Accident Claim in Luzerne County PA.

What Happens When a Victim Files a Claim?

The state of Pennsylvania is a no-fault state when it comes to car accident claims. This means most car accidents do not place blame, no matter who is at fault. Generally speaking, an individual involved in an accident would simply file a claim with their own insurance company, and their insurance provider would pay their medical bills and lost wages.

Things become a little different if a person has become the victim of a car accident that results in serious injuries. The victim will often have the right to pursue a lawsuit if their injuries were severe. Knowing whether or not a claim falls in this category can be difficult to know. This is why many victims seek the help of a lawyer so they can know what steps to take and what legal recourse they have.

How Can a Lawyer Help a Victim?

Lawyers can help their clients through the entire process of filing a Car Accident Claim in Luzerne County PA. The lawyer becomes the advocate for their client, working with the insurance adjusters or filing a lawsuit.

Lawsuits are sometimes necessary for serious car accident claims. While no one wants to have to deal with a lawsuit, there is sometimes no other option for the injured party to be able to recover their losses fairly. Whether through the insurance company or a lawsuit, a lawyer will work to make sure their client receives a fair outcome.

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