Self-storage is a convenient place for a family to keep things they want but currently can’t use. Some people use their storage unit for just a month or so and others keep items in storage for years. No matter how long the items will be stored away from home, there are some things a person can do to keep them safe inside Storage Units in Newnan.


Delicate items should be carefully packed and padded so they don’t get accidentally broken on their way to the storage unit. Proper packing of the unit starts with loading the truck. Lighter boxes, fragile items and paperwork should be loaded first in the truck so it can be put in the storage unit last. Heavy furniture and solid boxes should go in the storage unit first to form a base for the rest of the property. Boxes with fragile items in them should be marked and everything else should be labeled so it’s easy to find when it needs to be removed.

Climate Control

People who plan to keep their property in Storage Units in Newnan for an extended period of time should seriously consider investing in a climate-controlled unit. Unlike outdoor units that get really hot in the summer and cold on winter nights, climate-controlled storage units remain a constant temperature throughout the year. Extreme fluctuations can cause damage to important documents, photos, electronics and musical instruments. In order to protect investments and safeguard precious memories, anyone storing things that could be damaged by hot or cold temperatures should Find more information about local climate-controlled storage units prior to signing a contract.

A storage unit should not be rented based solely on location. It’s important for a person who uses self-storage to know that the items they have in their unit are safe and protected from pests, thieves and temperature changes. Prior to renting a unit, a family should contact the office and explain how they plan to use storage to meet their space needs. A helpful representative will assist them with choosing the ideal option for their property and their budget so the items they store will be in the same condition when they remove them from the storage unit.

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