Tips For Saving Money When Ordering From An Aluminum Supply Company

by | Nov 3, 2015 | Business

As a manufacturer or a small or large company focused on fabrication and production in the aerospace, automotive, hydraulic, equipment, marine, aircraft or machinery building and robotics industries, working with a top aluminum supply company is a must.

This is true when placing standing orders with any aluminum supply company for ongoing and regular deliveries of aluminum, but it is also true for smaller companies that may need less frequent orders. Regardless of the size of the manufacturing or fabrication business, getting the best price is essential to the bottom line.

There are several strategies any company can use to get the best price on their aluminum. This includes both stock aluminum extrusions, custom extrusions, and aluminum plate.

Shop Local

By shopping with an aluminum supply company that is either local or that has a local distribution center it is possible to reduce the cost of shipping. As this is a big factor in any order of aluminum, keeping these costs down is a simple way to save a significant amount on each order.

Choose For Precision Sawing

Working with an aluminum supply company offering tight tolerance precision sawing for all their aluminum products is a key factor for most orders. By having the product already cut to your designated specifications you have the opportunity to eliminate any waste due to poor cutting techniques at the job site.

With specialized equipment and saw operators with years of experience in working with aluminum it is possible to achieve tolerances of plus or minus 0.005. This is not something you will find with aluminum cut on other saws and with less experienced operators.

Choose Aluminum Only Sellers

While some may assume that choosing an aluminum supply company that sells other metals is a good option, there are some very serious considerations with this choice. Aluminum requires special storage and loading requirements, and when it is stored or shipped with other metals it can become damaged.

When working with a specialized aluminum company this damage can be minimized as there is not mixing of materials during the shipment and the aluminum is carefully stored under optimal conditions for the alloy.

Another way to save money when ordering from an aluminum supply company is to place orders strategically when possible. Combining orders, and waiting for the market price of aluminum to drop can all help in reducing the cost of larger orders.

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