One of the easiest ways to fix a yard with grass that’s looking a bit sad is to resod the area with fresh turf. However, to avoid wasting money, it’s important to implement the proper procedures for Turfgrass Maintenance in Ashburn VA.

Choosing Turfgrass

Some types of grass do better in certain areas than others, so choosing the right type of turfgrass is important for making Turfgrass Maintenance in Ashburn VA easier. Take into account the soil type, the amount of shade, and the amount of rainfall received in the area when choosing the turfgrass to minimize the need for adding fertilizer and pesticides and the need for watering the lawn. For example, Kentucky Bluegrass works well for well-drained soils that get a lot of sun, and Zoysiagrass is best for areas at low elevations since it has a short growing season.

Don’t Forget to Water

It’s useless to purchase new sod if it isn’t going to be watered enough. Sod needs less water in the cooler weather of the fall and winter than in the warmer weather of the spring and summer, but it still needs water. Water when the sod is first laid until the area of ground under the sod is totally saturated, and then know that this is how long you’ll need to water the sod in the future, taking particular care during the first two to three weeks to make sure it is kept damp.

Best Times for Watering

It’s best to water sod during the early hours of the morning before the sun gets too hot, usually anytime between midnight and 6 a.m., although waiting until sometime between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. is okay for those who don’t have a sprinkler on a timer, as this makes it less likely the water will evaporate before it gets absorbed into the ground and is available for the grass. If installing sod during the summer, water every day for the first few weeks unless watering causes runoff.

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