Although some bees are beneficial to the environment and should be allowed to move freely around one’s property, others such as the carpenter bee must be exterminated before they get the chance to cause much damage. Carpenter bees are destructive pests, and if allowed to gain access to the home, they bore into and damage all wooden properties within the residential space.

Solitary Nature of Carpenter Bees

Known for their solitary nature, there are over 500 species of the carpenter bee. Unlike the bumblebee and the honey bee, carpenter bees do not enjoy staying in large colonies. They are referred to as “carpenter bees” because they prefer to build nests within wooden structures.

Contact a Professional Pest Control Service

If these nests are built into the sides of homes, the holes created can be used by other insects and pests to gain access to the living space and cause untold damage. Individuals who want to prevent carpenter bees from damaging their fences, homes and wooden structures can undertake some preventive measures; however, it is best to contact a professional pest control service such as The-Beeman for Carpenter Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA.

Using Steel Wools to Stuff their Bore Holes

In most cases, carpenter bees prefer making their nests in weathered wooden structures although they have been known to make their nests within newer wooden structures. To prevent them from getting out of their nests, one can stuff steel wools into their bore holes. Since they can’t dig through steel, the bored holes become a kind of prison, and they are likely to leave the area very quickly. Once they are gone, homeowners can use caulk or wood putty to patch up the damaged areas.

Although the above measures can help in Carpenter Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA, the best option remains the use of professional pest control services. Contacting such services is particularly important in cases where there is an infestation of carpenter bees within the property and one’s living space. Homeowners whose homes have been overrun by carpenter bees should browse the website to find the contact details of the best carpenter bee control services in Pittsburgh PA.

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