Diamonds are very expensive, probably because they are very rare. In case you are lucky enough to own some diamond jewelry, then you know that they can be a source of some good cash if you ever got in some financial problem. Besides, if you want to upgrade or gems, it would be great to know where you can get fair prices for your precious stones. Here are some of the tips that can help you sell diamonds in Downers Grove.

Knowing the worth of your diamonds

First, know how much your diamonds are worth. The cost of diamonds depends on several things.

* Color: Diamonds that are pure white and sparkly can be worth up to twice as much as those that have another tint. Diamond colors are graded from D to Z. If your diamond has been graded as D, it means that the diamond is very pure. Diamonds that are graded from E to I will also be a little more valuable than others. When the grading progresses towards K, Land M, they will cost half as much as those that are graded from D to F.

* The carats: The carat reflects the quality of the diamond in the precious stone. Diamonds that have more carats will therefore cost more than those with a lower carat value. A 2 carat diamond with a round brilliant cut will cost about $10000 to $12000.

* Whether the diamond is natural or authentic: There are diamonds that are synthetically developed in the lab by compressing carbon under very high temperatures. These differ from natural diamonds in that when you perform an X-ray test on them, they will not be transparent. This also means that they should cost less than the natural diamonds. If your diamond is natural and isn’t a conflict diamond, then it should fetch you a good amount of money.

These are the important things that you should know when planning to sell diamonds in Downers Grove.

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