If you have a lot that you’d love to live on, you have many options. You can have builders in Jacksonville, FL, put a spec home on your lot quickly – or you can choose to have a custom house built for you. Many homeowners avoid this option, thinking it will take too long or be too expensive. But the truth is that this option could be exactly the right choice. Here are five great reasons to build a custom home on your lot.

1. Put Your Budget Where It Matters

When you choose a spec home, the house may be more affordable – but you don’t get to choose where the money is spent. The cost of the home is determined by choices that other people made. When you have a custom home created, you can choose which areas of the home you want the budget to be focused towards. Want a huge kitchen, but don’t care about luxury bathrooms? Don’t mind giving up a wrap-around porch to have a basement theater room? You can choose what your home’s building budget will be centered around.

2. Make Your Home Efficient

When you have builders in Jacksonville create a custom home for you, you can create a home that is very efficient based on your lot. For example, take advantage of the custom construction to only buy the amount of space you truly need.

3. Design Around Your Life

There is just no way that any spec home that is designed by someone else could fit your life’s needs. Only you know what kind of home you truly need, so designing your own custom home is the best way to get a home that fits your life.

4. Think About the Future

When you buy a spec home, you often have to decide whether you want to buy a home that works for you now or may work for you in the future. When you build a home yourself, you can easily consider what you may need, and create a home that will be flexible if you grow your family in the future.

5. It’s Easier Than You Think

If you are concerned about a custom house is a difficult process, we have good news! Contact us at North Florida Builders, Inc., by calling 904-288-7670 in Jacksonville to learn how this process could be simpler than you think.

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