If you have a business, an Access Control Chicago system can provide you with easy control and access to your property. There are a number of benefits that this service offers. These benefits are highlighted here.

Automatically Unlock and Lock Doors

One of the biggest issues faced by businesses is ensuring that all of the doors to their business are locked at the end of the business day. The reality of the situation is that there is no one that likes to have the responsibility of one or more of the doors if it does not get locked. When you have an access control system installed, all of the guess work is removed. These systems provide you with the ability to customize a schedule for locking and unlocking the doors, even with the exclusion of company breaks or holidays.

More Security

Were you aware of the fact that keys are able to be composed even in instances when they read “do not duplicate?” Additionally, if you own a business you are likely also familiar with the expense and hassle that goes along with having to re-key your entire office on a weekend or when you have an employee that is terminated.

When you install an Access Control Chicago system, then each one of your employees will have their own set of unique credentials to enter into the building. This can be a finger print, serialized card or a code, depending on your business needs. This is also able to be revoked right away in order to deny access to those you do not want on the premises.

Limitation of Access to Employees

When you use a traditional alarm and key system, there is nothing that will stop your employees entering during off hours. With the systems offered by Bullis Lock Co you can ensure that no one can access your building at certain hours, reducing the chance of employee theft.

Transaction Log

With each system that is installed, you can also receive a transaction log to ensure that no one is trying to enter when they should not be, keeping risk at your business low.

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