India is a large country with a number of different climatic regions and diverse animal and plant life. While it is known as the cradle of the Indus civilization, India is also known for its cultural wealth and heritage going back to prehistoric times.

There is no question that taking a holiday in India will be a memorable and enriching experience for those who wish to spend some leisure or holiday time. Some of the best reasons to plan a trip to India are found here.

Impressive Diversity

When it comes to the diversity in India, you will find that no country or area matches what is found there. You can travel thorough the continent of India and experience extremely distinct cultural changes in each region you travel to. It is not possible to make a single, blanket statement related to India since the diversity in this region is so vast.

Sensory Adventure

India is a country that can really be explained, but rather needs to be experienced to fully understand what it has to offer. Simply walking down the street will inundate your senses with various smells, sounds and sights. From business men quickly traveling from one location to another talking on their cell phones to colorful saris everywhere you look and constant honking from vehicles on the street, the chaos is something that flows and makes the experience unlike anywhere else in the world.

Regional Cuisine

While some have the misconception that all Indian food is curry or curry-like, the fact is there is quite a bit of diversity in the cuisine of the country. For example, in the North, you can sample tandoor recipes while the East offers tortilla like chapatti and other fish dishes. If you crave the space Indian food is known for, you will defiantly find it, as well as yogurt based drinks to help put out the flame.

When traveling to India for leisure you will have to acquire a tourist visa. However, if you are facing an emergency situation, you can apply for the emergency Indian Visa. This will allow you to travel to the region to take care of the emergency and once the situation is proven, it is often easier to acquire than the tourist visa. Be sure you have the proper paperwork in order when applying for any visa to visit India.

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