The purpose of acupuncture is to balance the body systems. This balance is known as yin and yang. If the body is healthy, yin and yang complement one another. The energy in the body, known as qi, flows along certain paths called meridians. If the transference of energy is obstructed, it affects yin and yang and the balance.

That is why acupuncture is an important practice for physicians who support the use of traditional Chinese medicine in San Francisco and Oakland, CA. To back the use of acupuncture, modern studies have proven the positive effects of acupuncture on different systems in the body.

These systems include the following:

  • The nervous system

  • The digestive system

  • The cardiovascular system

  • The endocrine and immune systems

Making an Assessment

When acupuncture is used in traditional Chinese medicine, any issues with pain, insomnia, or digestion can be overcome. During an acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist asks the patient about his or her health history. He or she then examines the tongue and checks the pulse. By using these assessments, the acupuncturist can better address any health conditions.

How Acupuncture Is Performed

For the treatment itself, the patient lies on a treatment table while specific acupoints are stimulated in various areas of the body. Fine, sterilized needles are placed at acupoints that cause little, if any, discomfort. The needles for the therapy are left in place for five to thirty minutes, depending on the extent of the therapy.

The Number of Sessions

In this branch of traditional Chinese medicine, the number of acupuncture sessions needed varies from one patient to the next. For example, some people experience notable pain relief after only one session. For a complicated or chronic condition, however, acupuncture treatments may extend for several months.

Individualized Care

If a condition is acute, only a few visits are typically needed, or around ten visits total. Individualized care is emphasized in this facet of traditional Chinese medicine.

Where to Obtain Training

If you are interested in pursuing this health care approach, you can obtain further details by contacting the Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, California. Balance out your medical curriculum by calling admissions at 510-859-1300 today. Watch their videos at YouTube Channel to know more!

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