If you liked to travel and teach the English language, a great place to go would be South Korea. Many American teachers who work in South Korea end up saving approximately $15,000. Who would not want to go to another country and experience a different culture and improve the lives of children by teaching them the English language?

The Salary for Teaching Abroad

When you are considering teaching English abroad and salary, one of the best places to go is South Korea. The salary that you make is a great financial benefit. A lot of Americans are already taking advantage of this great opportunity. Teachers will enjoy teaching children the English language as well as live in a different county and be able to explore and enrich the life of yourself as well as the children. This job opportunity offers a great experience for all teachers.

Average Monthly Expenses for Teaching in South Korea

* Transportation: $50 to $150
* Food: $150 to 500
* Utilities: $50 to $150
* Leisure: $100 to $500

Average Monthly Teaching Salary in South Korea

When you work as a teacher teaching English in South Korea, you will make approximately $2,000 to $2,300 a month, plus you can get severance pay which is about $2,000 to $2,300. When you consider the cost of living expenses and what you will be making you can be saving from $10,500 to $16,600 a year. Who doesn’t want to make that kind of money while also helping children learn the English language?

Housing for Teachers in South Korea

You may have noticed that rent was not added into the estimate of monthly housing expenses. Most teachers that teach abroad do not have to pay rent for their housing. The Provincial Office of Education will also set you up in a single furnished studio type house. Normally these will be furnished with a gas stove, bed, refrigerator, washing machine, TV and a microwave.

Added Benefits for Teaching English Abroad

When you want to teach the English language abroad, you can ask about free airfare. Some places offer free airfare or will reimburse you so much for your airfare after the first month of your contract. The other costs such as transportation, utilities, and food, in addition to leisure activities, are rather cheap. Your income tax will be either exempt or very low, plus if you need medical care, it is also rather inexpensive.

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