Trim Work: The Best Reason To Hire Painters

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Printers

Not everyone has much experience painting a house. Inside or out, there’s a lot of work, but benefit to painting. You can either do it on your own or hire professional painters, either route is fine, but, there’s a good reason to hire painters. If you’ve never painted you might assume that you spend most of your time filling in most of the wall. That the large surface area is the primary time killer would make sense, from a simple mathematics point of view if you assume there’s constant time to anything that the bigger areas would take more time. However, if you ask painters, or have been one you know that what uses up your time is the trim work. Trim work is a pain inside, and outside it’s no easier, especially in a hot portion of the country where the heat of the Clarksville sun is tiring and distracting you.

When you do trim you have to use a brush instead of a roller, you have to be very careful and very steady. You don’t want to over load the brush with paint because then it might drip and run, but if you have too little you’ll have to do multiple passes, which means more chances to mess up. Most painters prefer to use a brush with stiffer bristles since they’re going to be more predictable/easier to control. However, if you find something different works for you go with it. You can use painters’ tape but remember that if you use it, you add time laying the tape, removing it, and have to be careful not to get paint under the tape or through it. Don’t leave it up for weeks if you’re doing a big project.

If you mess up the trip you will likely be able to see, and so will anyone who buys the house. You can use certain chemicals and tolls to remove the paint but it comes with risks as far as preserving the appearance of your house/room. Bad trim work will stand out. Good trim work takes a lot of time and effort, and naturally steady hands. Not everyone has those assets, that’s why it’s so common for people to outsource to painters. The rest of the room can be problematic, and some people don’t have the time. But having professional painters handle the trim and cutting in is a fantastic thing. It means you can sit back and enjoy a nice day in Clarksville, instead of being on your hands and knees delicately working a brush along the molding trying to not touch the wood.

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