Troubleshooting Gas Furnaces in Oklahoma City OK

by | May 19, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

At some point in time, a gas furnace would require troubleshooting or in extreme cases, require the services of a technician. But there are a lot of issues which may come up when using a gas furnace that wouldn’t require the services of such an expert. This article provides a list of common issues as well as their possible remedies.

But there exist some differences between the gas furnacees in Oklahoma City, OK which must be noted. The major difference between the two types of furnaces (i.e. condensing and conventional furnace) has to do with the technology that they utilize in their heat exchangers and their approach to draining away the combustion gases. The heat exchangers are used in heat extraction from the process of combustion. The process of combustion for one is not more efficient than the other. They both make use of gas burners with electronic ignition.

The following are some of the issues which may be encountered when using a conventional furnace and recommended tips for troubleshooting them.

There is No Heat Produced

Some issues which may result in the non-production of heat include:-

  *     The setting of the thermostat being too low.

  *     Non-functioning of the thermostat.

  *     A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse.

  *     The control valve of the propane or natural gas may be closed.

  *     Problems with the electronic ignition.

Recommended Solutions

  *     Check that the thermostat has been set properly and that its temperature setting is appropriate.

  *     Adjust the setting of the dial to a few degrees.

  *     For non-digital types, the thermostat’s contact should be cleaned.

  *     Reset the tripped circuit breaker or change the blown fuse.

  *     The ignition system should be checked out by an expert.

Delivering Insufficient Heat

The probable causes of this issue are listed below:-

  *     The air filters of the furnace may be clogged or dirty.

  *     The gas burners may require cleaning or adjustment.

  *     Restriction of air flow to the combustion chamber.

Recommended Solutions

  *     Clean or replace the clogged air filter.

  *     Contact a technician to adjust the gas burners.

  *     An ample supply of air should be delivered to the combustion chamber.

Once any serious issues arises, contact Drabek and Hill Inc. for expert repair of gas furnaces in Oklahoma City, OK.

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