Troubleshooting Your Humidifier Service Before Calling a Repair Technician

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Air Conditioning

A lot of people have humidifiers in their homes. People who have allergies, those who have asthma, and other similar conditions all find a need to have a humidifier for health reasons. Of course, it is important that the humidifier works properly to keep everyone in the home healthy and safe. If the humidifier gets bad enough, a professional repair technician will have to be called into service and repair it. There are a professional heating and cooling contractor who goes out to repair a Humidifier Service when customers call. These are some things that can be done before having to call in for repair.

A humidifier is a unit designed to put moisture in the air in a room, particularly useful during the winter months. This process happens by the unit transforming water into a vapor, and the vapor will circulate throughout the ventilation system. When this fails to happen, the problem will most likely be from one of four parts of the general humidifier: the water panel, the solenoid valve, the humidifier fan, and the control board and fan motor assembly.

Some of the problems that commonly occur with humidifiers include, but are not limited to, a failure for water to get to the humidifier, and when the fan doesn’t come on. When water fails to get to the humidifier, it could be an indication that the solenoid valve has gone bad or a bad control board. It could also be a problem with the line or an in-line strainer. When the fan doesn’t operate, it could be a bad control board or a worst case scenario; the motor could be burned out.

Bowen Refrigeration has been providing HVAC services to customers in the Muskegon, Michigan area for many years. As part of the company’s Heating and Cooling services on air conditioners and furnaces, humidifiers are also serviced. The company also offers duct cleaning services. Bowen is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company works to reasonably accommodate the budget of their customers. If the humidifier is not working, and in need of Humidifier Service by a technician.

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