Two Reasons Why Homeowners Need New Air Conditioning Installation In Kinston NC

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When homeowners have problems with their air conditioner, they often wonder if the unit can be fixed or if they need to purchase a new one. Some air conditioner issues only require a simple repair, while other problems signal the need for a new unit. Read the information below to find out when homeowners should contact a technician for new Air Conditioning Installation in Kinston NC.

The Unit Leaks Refrigerant

An air conditioner must contain a sufficient amount of refrigerant so that it can work properly to cool a home. When an air conditioner is several years old, some of the components wear out, and this can cause the unit to leak refrigerant. If the unit becomes damaged, this can also be the reason why the refrigerant is running out. When an air conditioner has a leak, it can be costly to continually add refrigerant to the unit. In some instances, the leak can be repaired, and the unit may run for several more months. Instead of putting an excessive amount of money into an old air conditioner, homeowners should seriously consider installing a new system.

The House Isn’t Cool Enough

When homeowners have to turn their air conditioner to the coolest setting and some of the rooms in their house is still hot, this usually means they need a new system. If it’s an older air conditioning unit, the parts may be wearing out, and the unit may be failing. If the air conditioner isn’t very old, it may not be cooling the home because it isn’t large enough to maintain the entire house. Homeowners can contact a qualified technician to determine the most efficient unit for the size of the home. After making a determination about the best unit, technicians who perform Air Conditioning Installation in Kinston NC can replace the old unit with a new one.

When homeowners and business owners in Kinston need a new air conditioner installed, they contact the professionals at Jackson & Sons for affordable and reliable service. Visit the website for valuable air conditioner information and to reach an experienced technician to request a service visit or for an emergency.

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