For a body to undergo cremation, it must first be placed into a fully combustible rigid container…after which the container (with the body in it) can then be put into the cremation chamber. The container can be anything from a cardboard box to a traditional casket; the only prerequisite is that it must not contain any metal parts. This means that the box can be made from materials such as wood (mahogany, oak), bamboo, wicker, cloth-covered wood, etc.

Using Cremation Caskets for Traditional Funeral Service

Families who choose to perform a simple cremation service for their deceased ones (and have tight budgets) can opt for the cardboard box container. Other families who want to carry out a traditional funeral service before the cremation service should consider purchasing Cremation Caskets in Deltona FL. Even those with tight budgets have the option of renting a casket for the traditional funeral service and then using a cardboard box for the cremation. However, for this to be a viable option, family members should ask the funeral home if they provide casket rental services.

Befitting Container

Holding a memorial service before the cremation is a beautiful addition to the funeral proceedings and can help family members, friends, colleagues, and well-wishers to remember more vividly the persona of the deceased. The deceased’s body is the focal point of the memorial service and should be placed into a befitting container. This is where cremation caskets come in since they are manufactured using high-quality materials that exude warmth and lend a quiet dignity to the memorial proceedings.

“Green” Caskets

If the deceased or the family members are concerned about the impact of the cremation service on the environment, they can go “green.” This means purchasing caskets made from “green” materials that are fully combustible. Such caskets are manufactured using a variety of natural materials such as teak, wool, cotton, wicker, bamboo and other like materials. There are other less expensive options such as using cardboard containers that have been made to look like cremation caskets. This kind of containers are made from recycled materials and are completely “environmentally-friendly.”
Families who want to honor and pay tribute to the memory of the deceased should purchase high-quality Cremation Caskets in Deltona FL. Such caskets can be obtained from Fourtowns Cremation Inc.

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