The world is no longer the laid-back, relaxed place that it was even a couple of decades ago. Today, everyone is in a hurry and many people are on the go. This practice doesn’t lend itself to setting down roots in one place or even buying a vacation home and going to the same place to vacation year after year. Today many people instead look for short-term rentals in San Diego, so that they can be one place this month and another place the next. Read below for a few of the types of people that need to have a short term apartment instead of a full-time home to see if you are indeed one of them.

Active Military Members

As in the past, if you are active military, you truly have no idea when you might have to pack up and move. If you are told that you are going to be stationed in another state or country in the next two weeks, you are expected to be there. It is better for someone who is military to rent a short term rental than it is to have a problem getting out of a lease when the time comes to go.


Many businessman and women work out of state and don’t want to buy a home in the state they are working in. In this case, it is easier to rent a short term apartment, so they can come and go but not have the hassle of a lease or owning the place they are staying in.

Find Short Term Furnished Apartments in San Diego

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