Types of Window tints at Tint City

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Business

Window tinting is a common phenomenon among car owner. It has proven to enhance the appearance while at the same time reducing heat in the car with over 50%. Window tint acts as a protection aid to the interior of the car. In case the seats are of leather, it prevents them from fading. Tint City offers window tinting services for all vehicle types to ensure maximum protection for everybody in the car.

There are many types of window tints installed on cars.

Ceramic window tint

Here, this type contains ceramics, and it is the most expensive in the industry. A notable fact is that it blocks ultraviolet rays up to 99%. It has excellent visibility regardless of the time or day. As much as it is pricey, it is worth the cost.

Carbon film

This type uses carbon for the color hence there is no fading. Mostly, it is from particles of carbon which ensures the fading does not happen. It is appealing and blocks heat entry into the car. It also blocks the UV rays which in the long run protect the skin against any damage.

Metal-based film

Here, the tint comprises of metal particles contained in it to help in the protection of UV rays. Once the installation is final, the windows are more firm and do not easily break which increases their safety. A flaw though is that sometimes there is interference of signals like phones and radio.

Dye-based Film

The dyed films come in different colors. The tint comprises of the dye being in between a polyester top coat and an adhesive layer. The dyed film is the most common type with it being less expensive and readily expensive.

Tint City being one of the window tinting service providers aims at providing competitive packages for the clients. The company understands that customers need high-quality services and a complete installation so as to bring in more of their friends. If a company does a splendid job, then they can be sure that they will get more customers.

Having a company one rely on is everybody’s dream. Find that company that values their clients and make them feel comfortable. Ensure to read the testimonials from past clients to have a picture of their services. Go to Tintcity.com to find out the fantastic packages offered for car window tinting.

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