Firestopping Systems in Portland OR are designed to prevent or slow the spread of smoke and fire through buildings by sealing openings and joints using fire-resistant materials. They can be used to seal control and sway joints in floor assemblies and walls, the junctions between floors and walls, and head-of-wall joints in addition to openings such as electrical, mechanical, and structural openings. The materials used in firestopping systems may include cementitious mortars, silicone, mineral fibers, rubber compounds, firestop pillows, and intumescents.

Intumescent Latex

This water-based sealant is designed for use around metal and non-metallic pipes, insulated pipes, sprinklers, cables, and construction joints that are routinely subjected to expansion and contraction. When exposed to extreme heat, it absorbs the heat while releasing chemically-bound water.

Silicone Sealants

Watertight intumescent silicone sealants have superior adhesion and weather resistance and can be repaired in the event that they must be penetrated. They are appropriate for all standard through-penetration applications.

Barrier Sprays

Barrier sprays are used to create an elastomeric coating that can be used in perimeter joints, head-of-wall joints, and other construction joints. They are freeze and thaw resistant and are applied with an airless sprayer.

Moldable Putty

Intumescent synthetic elastomer putty is used to seal electrical boxes and other applications that require reentry. Unlike most fire barriers, they can be re-used.

Wrap Strips

Flexible wrap strips are designed for one-time use in all plastic pipe applications. They feature an intumescent elastomeric strip with aluminum foil on one side and can be used on plastic pipes and conduits, insulated pipes, and cable bundles.

Barrier Pillows

These one-piece products are designed for use in openings up to 1080 square inches in size. They are reusable and are wrapped in a poly bag so there’s no need for wire mesh during the installation process.

Endothermic Mortar

Firestopping mortar is designed for larger openings. They can be empty or used for multiple penetrations, and the mortar can be safely drilled to accommodate future penetrations.

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The products described briefly above are just a few of the Firestopping Systems in Portland OR available to property owners. Atlas Supply carries a full line of quality products designed to improve fire safety and stop its spread. Check out the website today to learn more about available products.

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