Pedodontics, also known as Pediatric Dentistry in Smyrna TN, is the part of dentistry that deals with the dental care of children. This branch of dentistry also requires knowledge in child psychology. Even more than with an adult, a children’s dentist must make sure each child feels comfortable when in the office, especially during a first consultation. It is only through trust that the conditions for satisfactory care will be met.

During each visit

A specific type of dialogue must be had with the accompanying parent because this will help the child adjust to being at the dentist’s office. Actual dental care can be waived, but it is best if the parent schedules regular check-ups rather than waiting for something to go wrong. A Pedodontist is mainly concerned with the prevention, early detection, and treatment of oral issues.

In addition to the child’s background, parents can inform their child’s pediatric dentist of specific details in advance. To make a child feel more confident and relaxed, parents have the option of making the pediatrician aware of accurate information such as:

  • Specific routines that help the child relax
  • His or her preferences
  • What may or may not frighten the child

Being in possession of such details, even if it may seem small at first, will allow the pediatric dentist to create a relationship that can ease subsequent appointments. This will help build a real trust between your child and the dentist. These details can help the child understand Pediatric Dentistry in Smyrna TN.

What happens during the first appointment with a pediatric dentist?

In general, a first appointment at the dentist is designed to establish a climate of trust. There will be no lavish or extensive treatments yet. Parents must not forget that this is a new environment the child must adapt to.

Everything must be done with gentleness, and nothing must evoke brutality or the like. Since the clientele of a pediatric dentist is made up of young children and adolescents, the atmosphere is generally not similar to that of an adult dental practice. For more details, visit or contact Ascent Dental today. Like us on Facebook.

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