When you have a precision-crafted cabinet or set of panels being used in a controlled environment, it’s pretty easy to put a functioning latch on it. You take a few measurements, place the latch and it will work fine for the life of the product. If, however, the cabinet doors or panels are a bit uneven, or if they’re in an environment in which they might become uneven, there could be problems. These problems are easily solved with an adjustable draw latch.

How an Adjustable Draw Latch Works
A draw latch is designed to pull together two objects and secure them. Each half of the latch is anchored to one object to be secured, usually attached with screws, bolts or adhesive. The receiving end of the latch is often essentially a ridge or ledge called a keeper, while the other end is basically a hook. The hook portion hooks the keeper and then the draw mechanism is tightened, pulling the pieces together. The draw mechanism can then be locked down, securing the pieces. The adjustable aspect of the device allows it to change angles and/or lengths to compensate for objects that aren’t quite properly aligned.

Types of Adjustable Draw Latches
The first major difference between types of draw latches is whether the draw hook is over or under center, meaning over or under the body of the draw latch itself. The latch itself may have a hook end or a ball end, depending on the function of the latch and what type of receiver it has.

These latches are also differentiated by size, usually small, medium or large. The size can refer to the physical size of the latch or the load capacity of the latch. These latches can be made from carbon or stainless steel, with or without vinyl cushioning grips.

Uses for Adjustable Draw Latches
An adjustable draw latch is often used on machinery and vehicles where vibration and exposure to the elements might make the alignment of the two halves of the latch change periodically. Trucks and other automobiles, farm equipment, construction equipment, and lawn and garden equipment can all benefit from such latches. These latches may also be used on HVAC equipment, metal cutting equipment, machine tools and other industrial machinery.

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