It’s no secret that our modern lives are frantic and fast-paced. We’re constantly on the go, with little down time in which to recover and heal. The result is that we carry tension our bodies were never meant to cope with on a long-term basis. It can result in lasting muscle pain, nerve damage, and a great deal more. The good news is that working with the right massage parlor in Los Angeles, CA, can allow you to release that tension and begin to heal. What sorts of massage therapy should you have access to, though?

Swedish Massage

Perhaps the most widely used massage type in the US, Swedish massage is an all-purpose massage modality that focuses on using mild to moderate pressure and long, gliding strokes across the muscles. This is what most people think of when they picture having a massage, and it is ideal for relaxing the entire body. It also helps improve oxygenation in the blood, releases toxins from the skin and deeper tissues, and reduces stress and stress hormones.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is not for everyone, but it plays a vital role for those who are prone to suffering from deep knots in their muscles. It is also an important tool for treating those recovering from injuries and accidents, those going through physical therapy, and more. Deep tissue massage focuses on much stronger pressure, as well as on pinpoint massage to target specific areas within a muscle or muscle group, such as knots in the shoulder muscles, or scar tissue created by an injury or accident.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is one of the most famous massage types, and originated in Japan and China. This modality focuses on using fingers and thumbs, hands, and even elbows, feet and knees to manipulate the body and activate pressure points. It can improve circulation across the entire body, reduce tension and stress, and promote healing from a wide range of different injuries.

Finding the Right Spa

The real trick to benefiting from massage therapy is to find the right massage parlor in Los Angeles, CA. At Spa and Massage, we offer Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu massage to ensure that we are able to help you address your stress and tension and to relax and heal. Improving your health and wellness is our goal – call us today at 310-312-3940 to schedule an appointment.

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