Construction land surveying describes the process of marking the location where future structures will be erected. When interpreting the construction plans, the site surveyor will investigate the land and place markers where new roads or buildings will be placed. This is also known as construction staking in which the land surveyor will make certain that the project is built in accordance with engineering design plans. Learning the importance of construction land surveying is essential to ensure the best outcome.

Accurate Construction Staking

With accurate construction staking, the construction project has a better chance of success. An experienced construction land surveying professional will be able to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results. Before undertaking any construction project, it helps to make certain that this process is completed according to the most detailed and exact methods. The land surveyor will take the architect or engineering plans and place stakes down on the right location corresponding to the plans. This allows underground utilities, fences, roads, or electrical wiring to be positioned in the right place.

Different Types of Construction Staking

There are primarily two different types of construction staking that takes place with construction. The first phase includes rough grade staking where the location of site improvements are defined. The other type of construction staking is it layout staking. This phase takes place after the site has already been approved and inspected by the local agency.

Choose a licensed surveyor

When selecting a construction land surveying professional, it is essential to choose a licensed surveyor who can provide the most accurate results. Doing so will increase your chances of getting the project underway accurately. With the right surveying professional, you can have confidence and peace of mind in the results.

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