The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can be quite overwhelming, especially given that it often occurs at the same time as serious health problems. While it’s not strictly necessary that those who wish to receive benefits hire Social Security Disability Lawyers in Wilkes-Barre PA in order to apply, it can make the process much easier. Read on to find out about the role that these lawyers play in helping their clients get the benefits they deserve below to find out how.

Initial Reviews

Whether clients have already submitted applications and have subsequently had them rejected or they are just embarking on the application process, a lawyer can review their cases for them from start to finish. This will help them determine the best possible approach for moving forward with the case. Getting an application approved may require developing a strategy for the disability hearing, and this will be much easier with the help of a lawyer.

Collect and Sort Medical Evidence

Getting a Social Security disability application approved is largely a matter of submitting adequate medical evidence. Social Security Disability Lawyers in Wilkes-Barre PA help their clients gather this necessary evidence and work with them to acquire any missing medical test results or physicians’ statements that could be required.

Filing Appeals

It’s an unfortunate fact that less than 40% of all applications submitted are approved initially, so many of those who should be eligible to receive benefits can’t do so without filing an appeal. Lawyers know what it takes to complete the distinct steps required to submit an appeal on time, making it easier for clients to navigate this complex process.

Representation at Hearings

Many disability claims are approved or denied at disability hearings. Those who have been denied benefits are typically offered a hearing in front of a judge, which can be stressful for clients who choose to go it alone. Lawyers can help them prepare for these hearings and represent them by questioning expert witnesses.

Get Help Today

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