The construction industry is one that is full of risks. Those who work in this field understand these risks, but they also understand the precautions that must be taken to minimize and avoid them. When these precautions are not taken, dangerous situations can result – and so can injury or death. When precautions are not taken as a result of an employer or fellow employee, construction professionals who are injured as a result may have grounds for legal action.

Here’s what you need to know about construction law – and how construction accident lawyers help clients make things right again:

Beyond Worker’s Compensation

Any legally-licensed construction site manager or employer in the United States carries worker’s compensation for their staff. This covers many injuries and other damages that may be caused by work-related tasks. However, construction workers may be entitled to additional compensation if necessary safety measures were not taken and maintained by their supervisor, site owner, or manager.

When to Take Things Further

When should you pursue additional compensation for damages incurred at work on a construction site? Here are some guidelines:

  • You were grievously or permanently injured or disabled as a result of your accident
  • The expenses incurred as a result of your injury or illness have been greater than worker’s compensation could cover
  • Your damages were directly related to or caused by the negligence of another party on site
  • The equipment or tools you were using were known to be faulty or damaged, and you were not adequately informed of this

If you believe you have grounds for a lawsuit, get in touch with Oklahoma City, OK construction accident lawyers today. These legal professionals can help you navigate the difficult process of determining fault, documenting damages, and providing evidence – and they’ll be with you through every step of the litigation to help you bring home a win.

Don’t wait for the compensation you know you deserve; get in touch with a lawyer and start reconstructing your life.

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