If sinkholes have caused damaged to a commercial property, it is recommended that the property owner hire firms that provide professional Commercial Drilling Services near HI. These firms inspect the building’s up-to-date engineering report and, based on their findings, choose the technique that best solves the problem. The two methods that are commonly used for sinkhole remediation are compaction grouting and underpinning.


Underpinning is a process that remedies any damage done to a building’s foundation and ensuring its structural integrity. If a section of the building’s foundation moves downward by a couple of inches, the integrity of the whole structure is threatened. To re-level such a damaged foundation, several hydraulic jacks that have been attached to underpins are used to provide precision lifting capability.

Compaction Grouting

The compaction grouting process begins by drilling holes around the building’s perimeter. The positioning of these holes is predetermined and carefully calculated by the site engineer. In most cases, the engineer drills alternating points at various angles to ensure that every area underneath the surface is adequately covered. Steel piping is then placed into these drill points, and a specialized grout mixture is pumped through them at high pressure. The grout fills up the void and covers the limestone layer, preventing any future movement of the soil.

Injection Pier System

This refers to the combination of the two sinkhole remediation/foundation repair techniques: compaction grouting and underpinning. Fundamentally, the technique involves the pumping or injecting of a grout solution into the pier’s perforated pipes. This combines the stability of compaction grouting together with the power of underpinning to ensure that the building rests on a rock-solid foundation.

The compaction grout increases the denseness and compactness of the soil’s sub-layers resulting in stronger support for the pier system. It prevents the downward flow of soil by providing a water-resistant mass and also seals the limestone surface. This ensures that ground movements do not affect the injection piers and, by extension, the building itself.

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