Sand is used in everything from landscaping to construction, yet many property owners don’t even realize that there are many different types of sand to choose from until they start looking into buying it. Choosing the right sand is essential to ensuring the best possible results, so it’s worth taking some time to understand what specialty products like masonry sand in Austin, TX are used for. Read the article below for a brief introduction to this product to get started.

Masonry Sand v/s Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is most frequently used for concrete, although it can also be used for patios, pools, and other home construction projects. It is typically made up of granite, trap stone, or limestone and tends to be quite coarse. Masonry sand features smaller grains and is usually washed before to being sold, making it more attractive and more suitable for many projects.

When to Use Masonry Sand

This sand is typically used in projects where the final product is designed to be aesthetically pleasing rather than strictly functional. It is suitable for use with patio stones and pavers and in landscaping features. Readers should note that masonry sand in Austin, TX is quite versatile, though, and can also be used in fabricating concrete and other materials.

Common Applications

Masonry sand can be used for just about any project requiring clean, uniformly textured sand. It is extremely popular in playgrounds and sandboxes, where parents find that it is a much more affordable and versatile option than white sand and beach sand. Keep in mind that some applications do require very specific types of sand, so it’s a good idea to ask a supplier about material concerns for these projects.

Where to Buy Masonry Sand

Companies like Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC offer on-site delivery of masonry sand to clients in the Austin area, making it easier than ever for property owners to gain access to the materials they need to complete their landscaping and construction projects. Check out the company’s website to learn more about their sand, gravel, rock, fill, and other products or simply fill out a form online to request a quote.

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