It’s always nice when a single material can fill a wide variety of project needs. Crushed limestone in Austin, TX provides property owners and contractors with a versatile and affordable material that’s suitable for many needs. Since it’s also readily available, exploring the advantages of crushed limestone simply makes solid financial sense.

Road Base

Whether for a residential driveway or a large road construction project, crushed limestone in Austin, TX is a road base solution worth exploring before paving. Without a proper base, no type of roadway will stand up to traffic demands. Crushed limestone can be sized to meet any project’s needs. When faced with construction standards that must be met, limestone is generally one of the better options.

Using Under Slabs

When new buildings are being constructed, it’s always important to provide a solid base for the concrete. That’s especially true if the soil type is known to be somewhat unstable. Rather than dealing with foundation issues post-construction, it always pays to provide a solid base. Limestone is routinely used to provide a reliable base for all types of buildings.


With the high cost of paving driveways, many property owners are looking for ways to cut costs while still having an attractive and smooth driveway. Because the limestone can be crushed to a uniform size, a driveway using the material will look good and provide a smooth driving surface. If you’ve got specific questions about a driveway surface, the experts will discuss the issue to determine if limestone will, indeed, provide the desired results.

Rip Rap

Drainage issues are common in the region, with property owners often seeking ways to better control erosion without destroying the look of a property. Limestone is an affordable and effective solution when controlling runoff is an issue. Again, it generally pays to discuss the issue with a stone expert to ensure the best solutions are employed, but limestone will certainly be a material to consider when rip rap is needed.

For more ways to effectively use limestone or other stone products, contact Loftin Trucking & Materials LLC. The staff has the expertise to recommend specific products to meet your stone needs.

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