revelationrevolution1 In the New Testament of the Bible, the Book of Revelation discusses many events that will occur in the end of times. There have been many debates over the details held in book of the Bible. The book discusses a series of events that happen in accordance with a set number of trumpets sounding. There are seven trumpet sounds that are said to occur. With each sounding, a specific prophecy is said to occur. There is much debate over the details of each prophecy. It is also suggested that these prophecies have already past. One example is the prophecy that surrounds the fifth trumpet sound. When the fifth trumpet sounds, Apollyon comes into play. Here raises the question of Who is Apollyon?

It is said that when the fifth trumpet sounds, a star will fall from the heavens and open the abyss. Out of the abyss, an army of locusts will rise. This army will be led by Apollyon. Who is Apollyon? He is said to be the destroyer. He is the king of these locusts. The locusts, themselves, have a very detailed description. They are said to be like horses with crowned human faces. They are also described as having women’s hair and the teeth of lions. These locust also have tails that are equipped with the stinger of a scorpion. The book of Revelation says that Apollyon will lead these locusts to torture and torment any man who does not have the seal of God on their forehead. This torture is to continue for five months.

As we look through history, there are many similarities of this event to a previous incident. There was a battle where the Roman’s attacked the people of Jerusalem. This battle lasted only five months. The Roman’s that attacked were referred to as the Apollonian Legion. This legion was represented by locusts. Locust were thought to be sacred by Apollo. From this, we ask Who is Apollyon? This would be the person that led this army or legion. The battle was led and controlled by Titus. This would mean that Apollyon was Titus. There are many other occurrences throughout this time period that strongly suggest the prophecies of the book of Revelation have already been fulfilled. This strongly shows that the end of times is already upon us.

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