BThere are several choices of places to go for medical care in Cincinnati OH. When a cold or allergies turn into something more serious, it is important to get immediate care. But, the family doctor may not have appointments available for weeks. The local hospital emergency room may be crowded and it will always be very expensive. Now there is a third choice. Urgent care clinics such as Eastside Urgent Care are more convenient and faster than the family doctor and cheaper than the emergency room.

How To Choose Where To go for A Medical Problem

Some problems are so serious and so urgent that an ambulance should be called to take a patient to the local hospital. Serious car accidents, loss of consciousness, serious cuts and bleeding, and badly broken bones all require a trip to the hospital. But, sometimes the patient or their family is not sure where to go for the best treatment. Having the phone number of a local urgent care center handy is important.

The professional medical staff can talk to the family member or patient and advise them on how to stabilize a patient and if the urgent care facility is the right place to go or if a trip to the hospital is needed. Urgent care clinics offer many emergency services as well as general medical services. They may offer Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH.

Services Offered by Urgent Care Clinics

Families may have a favorite doctor and clinic they go to for everyday medical treatments and physicals. They make appointments weeks in advance for these general medical services. Others do not have a family doctor and only seek medical help in emergencies. But, medical emergencies happen to every family at one time or another. People get injured or get sick and they need immediate medical care. The emergency room at the local hospital is not always the best place to go for treatment.

Emergency rooms should be reserved for life-threatening medical emergencies. A better choice for medical emergencies that are not life-threatening may be an urgent care clinic. Urgent care clinics offer more services than emergency care. They also offer Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH, drug testing, stitches, wound repair, stabilization of some fractures, sports injury treatment, animal bite treatment, flu shots, physicals, testing for many diseases, and more. Go to the website for more information on services offered. You can also visit them on YouTube Channel.

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