An ice luge in Long Island, NY is not something people see every day, but there are many uses for them. Winter carnivals, product launches, community events, birthday parties, and weddings are some events that are more fun and exciting when an ice luge is added. Getting a luge is surprisingly low in price. If one has never been considered for an annual event, it may be a way to draw in more people.

Where to Get One

Since luges are specialty products and weigh in at about one-hundred pounds, they are not readily available. A company with the capacity to produce and shape pure water, such as Long Island Ice & Fuel, must be found. Options include a standard ice luge in Long Island, NY or a custom ice luge. The custom ones are slightly more expensive yet still lower in price than most people would imagine.

Pick Up or Delivery?

Customers can elect to pick up luges or have them delivered for an additional fee. A pickup truck will be required to carry the luge. If one is not available, the company rents out trailers for transport. Customers who wish to have the luge delivered need to arrange that when the item is ordered. It is recommended to order luges at least forty-eight hours in advance to ensure they are frozen solid.


The most common question from customers is how long the luge will last. A definite answer is not possible due to the number of factors that contribute to the rate at which the luge melts. Temperature, humidity, and how long the luge has been out of the freezer are the largest considerations. Getting the luge to the destination as close to the time of the event as possible will provide the longest time to enjoy it.

Placing the luge on a flat and stable surface will also help prolong the fun. This avoids pressure points and uneven melting. It is important to closely monitor the structure to notice signs of melting and determine when it is no longer safe to have people slide down the luge. Discover just how cost-effective a luge is and how impressive it will appear at the next scheduled event. Click here to know more.

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