When a married couple is at the end of a relationship, the tone will sometimes be less than amicable as divorce looms in the future. Divorces can be, and quite often are, bitter as the two people involved may seek ways to make the each other suffer. A Divorce Attorney in Rochester MN understands these feelings and advises clients on how to deal with the divorce apart from all the emotion. Here are some things those seeking divorce might want to think about in Minnesota.

Things to Consider when Divorcing in Minnesota

In order to get a divorce in Minnesota, one of the spouses must be a resident of the state for at least 180 days before seeking the divorce. Filing the petition for a divorce is not going to be as easy as it was to file for a license for marriage, as there will be a lot of other factors involved. For example, if the couple shares real estate, children, automobiles, expensive jewelry, and other property, the divorce process will become more complex as the courts try to decide who gets what.

More Things to Consider when Divorcing in Minnesota

A process called “Early Neutral Evaluation” is offered for the divorcing couple to try to see if they can resolve issues with child custody, the division of property and money, and how the parenting time will be divided. If this can be done, it could save the couple a lot of money and time they will spend with the court and with the attorneys that may be involved. Having an attorney to help each client reach this resolution will be helpful.

Getting a Divorce Attorney in Rochester, Minnesota

If it appears the divorce case is going to be lengthy and difficult, it is best for the two parties to get their own attornies to represent their interests. Rolsch Law Offices is a law firm in Rochester, Minnesota, that represents clients during divorce proceedings. If there are any individuals in search of a Divorce Attorney in Rochester MN, the law firm is available and can be reached at the website Rolschlaw.com.

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