Planting and caring for a vegetable garden is a superb way for children to learn an abundance of information and to acquire new skills. Whether this garden is connected with a public or private school, or homeschool, it will provide fun and rewarding activities for many months. Mulch in Waukesha, WI can be delivered or picked up for use in this garden.


In this type of climate, outdoor vegetable gardening is heavily focused on summertime, producing most food between June and September. As a school project, this is mainly suitable for kids taking summer classes or for a homeschool situation. Another possibility is for teachers and volunteers to plant crops in the summer for a fall harvest that the children can take charge of in September and October. This will require somebody to care for the plants until the youngsters return to school.

Readying the Soil

Children who participate in readying the soil for the garden will learn the importance of adding mulch in Waukesha, WI. This organic material provides important advantages. It helps the ground hold moisture, which is especially important in the dirt with high sand content. It helps fertilize the soil in a natural way without having to add synthetic chemicals.

Learning How Plants Grow

Through a variety of activities, youngsters learn a great deal about how plants grow. They see firsthand the importance of the right amount of sunshine and water. They are excited to see their seeds sprout up from the ground and the plants they’ve put in the ground directly start to bear fruit. They learn about plants producing seeds and how to collect and store those seeds for use next year.

Components of Mulch

With mulch from a supplier such as Bluemel’s Garden & Landscape Center, everyone can start working on the soil as soon as the material arrives. The teachers will want to have a list of various components in the mulch so they can explain to the students what it contains. This type of center provides wood mulch from white cedar, hemlock, and other sources. Straw can be placed on top of new seed plantings as recommended.

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