When someone has a pet that passes away, it is likely they will want to bury or cremate the animal afterward. Many people bury the remains of beloved pets in their yard or a pet cemetery. Here are a few ideas to consider to help memorialize a pet after its death.

Consider Taking Donations In Their Honor

One wonderful way to memorialize a cat or dog is by donation money in their honor to a local humane society, pet adoption event, or spay/neuter clinic. Print several fliers are indicating the desire to raise money for a pet-focused cause in the area and hand them out to friends and neighbors. Make sure to indicate that the money is being donated in honor of the pet that has recently passed away. This can be done on a yearly basis around the anniversary of the pet’s death if desired.

Invest In Pet Monuments For Grave Sites

Purchasing one of the Pet Monuments in CT to place near the area remains are buried is a great way to read information about the pet and remember their antics during their life. Be sure to incorporate a photograph of the pet upon the monument to make it easier to reminisce about their features when visiting the area to reflect upon their time in the family. Pet monuments come in a variety of sizes, are made from different types of stone, and inscriptions are placed upon them according to the owner’s specifications.

Wear Jewelry Or Purchase An Urn

If a pet is cremated, instead of burying the remains, the owner may want to keep them near to them at all times. This is accomplished by purchasing a small urn to place in a safe spot in the home. An alternative way to hold a pet’s remains is by purchasing a piece of jewelry made especially for this purpose. Ashes are poured into a container pendant and strung on a necklace or bracelet. These are usually bought through a monument service or crematorium.

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