Using the most appropriate advertising medium for your business

by | Apr 5, 2012 | Business

Every business all over the world knows that if it has to stay ahead of or even with its competition, it will need advertising. Over the years, advertising has been a vital element in the growth of not just a product or service but also a company. What company owners and managers should keep in mind is that all kinds of advertising will work in the favour of their company, provided they are not just tried, but actually used effectively and correctly.

There are, however, few requirements that have to be met in order to use advertising properly.

Target audience

Before beginning an advertising campaign, it is important to understand who your customer base comprises of and with that define the gender and age groups that are to be targeted. Planning the campaign will depend on the product or service that will cater to a particular type of audience. Once you are sure of this, you can proceed to the next step. If you are unable to identify your customers, you could end up wasting a lot of money for no reason.


Advertising is not a story, so you cannot expect to take up minutes or hours of your customers’ time. You get barely a few seconds to promote your company, so using the language effectively is vital. Forget long impressive sentences; instead use short simple but attention grabbing ones to convey your message. Creative media reps can do brilliant jobs, so ask them for copywriting help. Ads by direct mail, in magazines and the local newspaper can be extremely helpful.


Use appropriate advertising mediums to convey your message to the intended group as they will be most effective. Consulting your media reps is a great idea as they would know how and where to reach a huge target audience. This means your money will be used effectively. Do not settle for a particular type of advertising simply because you like it. Select it for the purpose of getting results.

Frequency of the message

Ensure good frequency of your message if you want your customers to hear or see it. Print, television and radio are three vital aspects that need detailed explanations for scheduled placement. It is more advisable to give a substantial schedule to a single publication or station so that you do not waste money and a desired and effective frequency is obtained.

It is necessary to use advertising to its maximum potential, otherwise it just becomes a waste of money.

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