VA Disability Appeal, Get Help Now from Lawyers

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Lawyer

Veterans who cannot work or were injured on active duty may be wondering where to turn for help. The VA disability appeal process is challenging to maneuver, especially if you have never done it before (and for most, it’s the first time). While you can research online how to handle your claim and appeals, it may be best to consider lawyers because they have the experience necessary to do things right.

Beginning the Process

Most veterans start the process themselves, only to realize how difficult it is. Then, they focus on hiring an attorney to do most of that work for them. You’ll start by getting a denial letter in the mail that your benefits were denied. You have one full year to start the VA disability appeal process. It is vital that you start the appeals process as soon as possible because the Veterans Associate does move slowly. Therefore, the longer you wait, the longer it will take.

The easiest option for you is going to be contacting lawyers and choosing one that you feel comfortable with, as they can do the rest.

When Appeals are Essential

Of course, the primary reason for appeals is that you were denied benefits and disagree with the decision. However, you may also have been denied compensation or may feel that the amount due isn’t appropriate for your needs and rank. Similarly, the Veterans Administration may claim that your injury wasn’t caused by or during your time in the service. If you were given benefits and are supposed to get back-pay to the effective date and haven’t, you should also call on a lawyer.

VA disability appeal is possible if your claim is denied. Visit the lawyers at Jackson & MacNichol at for more information now.

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