Varicose veins are enlarged veins usually located in your legs or feet. Spider veins are the same as varicose veins, just in a lesser form. In addition to being visually displeasing, they can also cause physical pain and discomfort. If you have unsightly veins that you have been wanting to get rid of, there are a few options out there for you.

Compression Stockings

Compression socks or stockings are to be worn all day to help alleviate the enlarged veins and accompanying discomfort. They apply pressure on your legs and feet and encourage better blood circulation. The stockings come in various pressures and can either be prescribed by a doctor who provides vein treatment in Chicago and other cities, or found over the counter at your local drug store.


Simple laser procedures for varicose veins, are ideal for smaller vein removal on the body. The heat produced from the laser destroys the vein, causing it to fully die and disappear within a couple of years. A series of treatments are required and is less painful than some of the more invasive procedures that are offered.


Sclerotherapy is done under the care of a doctor or health care professional. You are typically injected with a saline solution. The solution enflames and irritates the blood vessel lining which causes the vein to collapse, blood circulation to cease and eventually the vein dies.

It can be a painful procedure and every patient can react differently to the solution, but the treatment is very effective in getting rid of the enlarged veins. The patient leaves the hospital the same day as treatment and needs to wear compression bandages for a time determined by your doctor.

Keep in mind, although these procedures help get rid of varicose and spider veins, it does not prevent them. Limit time spent on your feet, elevate your legs and feet and practice a healthy exercise and diet regimen.

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