Believe it or not, the Veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT, and everywhere else in America, plays an important part in protecting animals, people, and the planet. These highly trained professionals are very important to not only animals, but the rest of the world as well. Read on to find out how the vet is important to you, even if you don’t have a pet.


Making Food Safe

Most people would prefer not to think too hard about where their meat comes from. However, you might be interested to know that vets are actually partially responsible for making that same meat safe for you to eat.
Vets are often hired by our government as food and animal safety inspectors to inspect the warehouses, meat processing plants, and production lines where food is made. They also make sure that diseases like mad cow disease are caught before the meat hits the shelves and makes its way into your freezer.

Cure for Cancer

If you want to try to find a cure for cancer, then become a Veterinarian in Bloomfield, CT, or anywhere else in America. Many people don’t realize that animals get cancer, just like humans do. Some pet owners spend tons of money yearly on chemotherapy for their beloved pets.

Many vets are constantly doing research into cancer, and this can be a benefit to humans with cancer as well. Some of the cancer in animals is close to the cancer in humans, making the research doubly important to mankind as a whole.

Stopping the Next Global Plague One Day at a Time

What do West Niles, Monkey Pox, and the Avian flu have in common? They all presented first in animals, and then jumped to humans. Many experts are convinced that the next global plague is going to originate with a disease that starts in birds or some other type of animal. Vets who are considered “health detectives” are working nonstop to try and determine if this is true, and to stop it from happening before it does.

So the next time you take your pet to The Windsor Animal Clinic, you should look around and admire the staff who is caring for them, and actually helping you as well.

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