Vinyl Wall Coverings for Adding Beauty to your Home

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Home and Garden

If you want an attractive looking home, along with the various interior décor pieces and furniture, you must pay equal attention towards the flooring and the walls. Good flooring and nicely painted walls can contribute largely to the beauty of your home. If you want to try something different with your walls, you may consider using wall coverings. Nowadays, there are a variety of wall covering options to choose from. They are available in different materials such as vinyl and foil. Along with enhancing the look of your home, they also offer protection to the walls from any wear and tear.

Vinyl Wall Coverings for Easy Maintenance

There are some wall coverings that are highly decorative but need extra care to maintain their looks. If you want to go for something that is easy to install and clean on a regular basis, vinyl wall coverings are worth a consideration.

Specially Treated Vinyl Covering

You have a wide range of different styles of vinyl wall coverings to choose from. They are available in different levels of thickness. Level 1 thickness is ideal for home use, whereas level 3 is suited for places that receive high traffic such as hotels, offices, and schools. Some of the vinyl wall coverings are specially treated with sterile coating, which are commonly used on the walls of hospitals and clinics.

Perfect for Moisture Prone Walls

Walls that are susceptible to moisture and grease, such as bathroom or kitchen walls, can be covered with solid vinyl wall coverings because regular wall coverings, under humid conditions, might get moldy or look discolored very soon. Vinyl wallpapers are waterproof, which is why they are easy to clean; grease and other dirt come right off with only a sponge and water.

Cleaning and Maintaining

For regular home walls, vinyl coated paper covering can be installed. They are very similar to common wall papers, but can be easily scrubbed and stripped. You can also opt for fabric backed vinyl wall covering that are high quality, sturdy, and can last for a longer period of time. Thus, if you want to change your wall covering after some time or you would like to clean your walls periodically, it is always easy with vinyl wall coverings. Furthermore, vinyl wall coverings are fire resistant and can be easily repaired in case of any damages.


Wall covering liners are used at the time of installation. These liners help in camouflaging any defects that your wall might have and also facilitate easy stripping, at the time of changing the wall coverings.

So, if it’s time to bring about a change in the look of your home or office, consider papering up your room with exquisite vinyl wall coverings, which have their unique aesthetic appeal and, at the same time, are pocket-friendly too!

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