Visit Sol and Discover the Largest Selection of Tile in Canon City

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Home Improvement

People have been using ceramic tiles to beautify their homes for at least 4,000 years. It’s amazing how many of those early tiles still exist, with the hand-painted designs and colors still looking fresh and bright. Tile-making was a well-regarded trade, with the manufacturing details kept secret and passed from father to son. While most tiles today are mass-produced, there are still artisans worldwide making custom tiles and utilizing many of the techniques developed centuries ago.

Ceramic tile is the most common; it can be glazed or unglazed. Unglazed tile is only available in the natural sand to red brick colors of the clay. Glazed tile in Canon City can be decorated and painted with colors and patterns limited only by someone’s imagination. A number of tiles can be painted so as to create a picture or large when properly set. Tile is often used as a backsplash for a granite countertop.

Quarry tile makes great, non-slip flooring because of its rough surface. While this type of tile used to be cut in quarries, it is now extruded in factories. Quarry tile is very durable and nearly as hard as stone. It is seldom used for countertops because it is porous and is not recommended as a food preparation surface.

Granite has been used for flooring for thousands of years and is still in use today in many very old buildings. Granite is very durable and acid-resistant. It is available in colors ranging from white to black and almost every color in-between. There are four primary minerals present in granite that create the infinite color variations. Nothing can duplicate the fascination and warmth of natural granite.

Sol Granite Stone and Tile Center is the place to go for anyone remodeling their kitchen in Colorado Springs, Pueblo or Canon City, CO. Homeowners in the region know they can rely on their experts for the perfect design and installation services. A wide selection of granite for countertops is available. Colorful and unique tile in many patterns allows the homeowner to find the perfect choice for floors, backsplashes and bathrooms. Shopping for Tile in Canon City has never been so easy.

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