Gushing gutters, foundation cracks and downspouts that dump a lot of water around your foundation, these are just a few of the signs that indicate you’ve got waterproofing problems. Need help?

Look for the basics

Consider hiring Waterproofing Contractors from Apex Waterproofing. With a team of experienced, trained and licensed contractors, the company is more than capable of providing you with the assistance you need.

Check the company’s reputation

What kind of reputation does the company have? Before you consider hiring Waterproofing Contractors in Fairfax, check out the company’s reputation in the field. Is it a good one? Make sure that’s the case before you go ahead with the hiring process, the BBB says.

Review credentials

Are the contractors bonded, insured and licensed? They should be. If that’s not the case, then save yourself the trouble by moving on to the next contractors on your list.

Hire local

If you’re hiring contractors for Foundation Repair, Waterproof Repair or Basement Waterproofing, remember to start with someone local. Hiring contractors nearby or close to you have plenty of advantages. For one, you can simply walk over to your neighbors and ask them about their opinion or experience working with the company and its contractors. When you work with local contractors, there’s a big chance that someone in your neighborhood or community has already used their services in the past. Asking around can help you glean information that can contribute to your hiring decision.

Consider comfort levels

If your contractor is more interested in the value of your portable electronics than in solving your waterproofing problems, firing that one and choosing someone else may be a wise course of action to take.

Review the contract

Don’t say yes unless you’ve seen the contract. Read it. Understand it. If there are any terms or conditions that seem vague to you, don’t hesitate to ask about them.

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