Dealing with a divorce can often be a very difficult situation for both of the parties involved. Generally, the couple has many issues they are still dealing with, which may have caused the divorce to happen. This can make them very emotional and in some cases unreasonable when they are trying to come to an agreement on the divorce and how to divide their assets and other items. In this type of situation, a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO can be invaluable in helping a client through the process to follow. Visit website for more details.


One of the first things most divorce lawyers will do is try to get their client to reach an agreement with their soon to be ex-spouse amicably. Many couples are actually able to come together on their own, work out an agreement and then one of the party’s divorce lawyers will just need to complete the legal documentation and file it with the court after both spouses have signed it. This is referred to as an uncontested divorce and it can be a great savings in many ways to the couple.

If the couple is unable to do this on their own, a Divorce Attorney in Jefferson County, MO will then try to set up a meeting with the lawyer representing the other spouse, so the couple can get together with the lawyers present to try to negotiate their way through the issues, which are causing disagreement. During this type of meeting, each party will have their lawyer with them and they will deal with much of the negotiating as well as offering advice and counsel to their client. These situations can have good results, but sometimes the party may still be unable to come to an agreement.

In this type of situation, mediation may be required. This is where the couples and their attorneys meet with a neutral third party to try to come to an agreement. The individual lawyers can be present to offer legal advice, but otherwise the mediator handles the meeting and tries to keep the couple focused on working out an agreement.

If this is unsuccessful, the next step will be to go to court. The lawyers, like those at The Lowry Law Firm, will need to prepare their client’s side of the case and provide evidence to support their claims for the judge in the matter. He or she will then decide the matter.

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