Obese people may find it a little difficult to engage in most weight loss practices. This makes surgery as one of the most effective weight loss options for them. When it comes to weight loss surgery Fairfield County has several qualified practitioners who can carry it our successfully. Some of the common surgical procedures are discussed below.

Gastric Bypass

This is the most common surgical procedure carried out to help in weight loss. The process involves dividing the stomach into two sections. After the separation, the upper stomach pouch is connected to the lower part of the small intestines. This is a simple shortcut that makes it difficult to absorb a lot of calories. The resulting small stomach also helps in weight loss by reducing the amount of food that you eat for a complete fill. People who have had this surgery can lose up to half their weight within six months. When it comes to choosing this weight loss surgery Hartford surgeons can also help you shed enough weight in order to have your quality life back.

Gastric Banding

Unlike gastric bypass where the surgeon has to divide the stomach surgically, gastric banding involves the use of an elastic silicone band to divide the stomach. The upper part of the stomach is usually smaller than the bottom part so that it get filled up quickly. Although the food will eventually seep to the lower section, the small upper part drastically reduces the amount of food that you need to eat to be filled up. Although this surgery is effective, some people may develop complications leading to the removal of the gastric band. For those who may want to have a weight loss surgery New Haven surgeons can make this happen and give you post-surgery advice to ensure that your heal properly.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

This is a weight loss surgery that involves removing about a quarter of the stomach. It is usually carried out to reduce the amount of food eaten and make it possible for severely obese people to lose weight so that they can take up traditional weight loss routines.

Weight loss surgery Fairfield County surgeons could be your ticket to a slimmer and fitter self. Therefore, ensure that you choose your surgeon carefully to reap all the benefits associated with the surgery.

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