A garage is a perfect place to safely and conveniently store a vehicle inside and away from the wrath of mother nature. The problem is that an old or non-working garage door will often make using a garage complicated and in some cases may pose a safety hazard. One of the best upgrades is a new Overhead Door Installation in Glendale AZ, as it will add visual appeal and value to a home, and a professional garage door company makes the installation process easy and worry-free.

Track and Electrical Installation

The first phase of installation involves building and mounting the track that the door will travel along to the sides of the garage opening. The track system will also be suspended from the ceiling of the garage, and the installation crew may have to add additional support beams to provide stability. They will also install an electrical outlet near the location of the electric opener if one is not already present.

Garage Door Placement

Once the track is in place, the technician will then put the garage door in place. Most doors are composed of several individual panels that are stacked on top of one another within the track system. Once all of the panels have been positioned, they will then secure them together using a metal hinge system and test the door for operation, making sure that it travels along the track smoothly and is easy to operate manually.

Opener Installation and Programming

Once the door is in place, the last step of Overhead Door Installation in Glendale AZ is to mount the opener to the ceiling and connect it to the door. The technician will also install the various safety components included with the opener and program the device so that all of the openers work reliably. Once completed, they will then test the unit for operation and train the homeowner on how to use the new system.

A new garage door is an excellent investment and provides a family with an increased level of convenience. The team at ASAP Door Repair & Service offers commercial and residential services and will help a homeowner determine which system will best meet their needs. Click here to learn more and take the fits step in making any garage easier to use and more secure. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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