Obtaining a Microsoft certification speaks in volumes about your character in the same way a college degree does, it shows that you aren’t afraid to persevere or learn difficult material. The benefits of obtaining as many internationally recognized industry certifications as possible is endless, but the most important fact is that these certifications fuel new careers and achieve the biggest salaries. Technology is paramount to the success of any modern business, there is no arguing that. IT governs the efficiency of a business in areas such as staff productivity, security, increasing ROI, and customer service. Having a certification in a particular field also objectively provides third party validation of your skills and expertise.

Competitive Advantage – When applying for a position that requires focus in a certain technology, what separates you from your competition the most? Of course all applicants will have some type of experience, but being certified will put you in a level above the rest, especially when compared to someone without said certification. Having a Microsoft Certification in a specific field shows dedication, tenacity, expertise and initiative towards your career. Hiring for an IT position is a difficult responsibility, so you need to prove to that potential employer that they’re making the right decision. If that wasn’t enough, some jobs can even require certifications as a pre-requisite. Statistics on the Microsoft Certification website show that the majority (91%) of managers responsible for hiring consider certifications essential to their hiring criteria and most IT hiring managers regard certifications as being extremely valuable.

Knowledge is Power – Most individuals strive to earn a Microsoft certification just to get hired in the first place, but why stop there? Companies can offer bonuses and incentives for continuing your education after employment. Some even will pay for the costs associated with advancing their employees education because they know that they will get more than what they paid back through increased productivity. Seek new heights in your career through earning your MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert), MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) and eventually your MCSM (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master) titles! Experts agree that more and more opportunities in IT will continue to emerge and earning certifications will allow you to take full advantage of them.

Technology affects today’s businesses like never before and IT is one of the fastest growing industries around, so don’t get left behind! Top-certs.com, located near Orlando in Daytona Beach FL, can help elevate you to greater heights in your career. They offer premiere training to help you attain the most sought after certifications available from Microsoft as well as a myriad of other systems. If you’re interested in joining their boot camp then you should contact them today!

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