In Pennsylvania, complex skin conditions are addressed by a dermatologist. The conditions could include skin cancer, acne, warts, and psoriasis. Each of the conditions is assessed completely, and a proper treatment is provided. A local dermatologist in Bethlehem PA offers a variety of services to meet the needs of regional patients.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Skin Cancer

Dermatologists perform examinations and biopsies of abnormal growths and moles. The conditions are common indicators of skin cancer. Patients who tan or who are outdoors without proper protection are at the greatest risk of developing skin cancer. The dermatologist provides an effective treatment based on the type of skin cancer found.

The Treatment of Severe Acne and Scaring

Severe acne is often embarrassing for teens. The severe form of the condition could cause lesions and bacterial infections. The dermatologist evaluates the causes of the acne when providing a proper treatment. The condition is often treated with a topical solution in addition to dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. The treatments can also lower the risk of scarring due to the acne.

Removal of Warts

Warts can develop anywhere on the body. However, dermatologists don’t treat warts related to STDs. The skin conditions are often frozen to remove them quickly. More complex warts may require strong topical solutions or a surgical removal. The dermatologist provides a local anesthetic when removing the developments surgically. Antibiotics are provided to lower the risk of an infection.

Management of Complex Skin Conditions

Psoriasis and eczema are complex skin conditions that are treated by a dermatologist. The conditions can cover the skin quickly and lead to severe itching. Eczema is less severe than psoriasis, but it can lead to skin infections if it isn’t managed properly. Psoriasis covers larger sections of the skin and can become quite painful for patients.

In Pennsylvania, complex skin conditions require a dermatologist to provide an effective treatment. The conditions could lead to severe scarring or even threaten the patient’s life. The complex conditions could require surgical procedures to treat them more effectively. Conditions such as skin cancer and warts are treated surgically in most instances. Patients that want to schedule an appointment with a Dermatologist in Bethlehem PA can click here now.

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