What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Austin TX?

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Dentist

Over the last few years, more and more advances have occurred in dentistry, allowing for progressive improvements in treatment. Now that lasers are being used, a more precise application of dental treatments can be implemented. Since this is a relatively new treatment tool, many people are not aware of its benefits. With this information, people can learn why they should consider Laser Dentistry in Austin TX.

There are many benefits of using Laser Dentistry in Austin TX:

*      Laser therapy can be used to precisely place sutures in the soft tissues of the mouth. These areas were once difficult to suture because the dental tools were too large and could not be used to produce minute stitches. With this application, patients will experience less downtime for healing after a procedure, with less chance for adverse problems developing.

*      Many forms of laser dentistry do not require the use of anesthesia so the procedures can be carried out safely. This can be especially beneficial to those patients who experience adverse reactions from anesthesia.

*      Laser dentistry offers a safer method of treatment because it reduces bleeding. The high energy that is released by the laser helps to encourage clotting. This is crucial for proper healing and avoiding risks during the procedure.

*      Incisions that are created by lasers tend to heal much more quickly than incisions created by scalpels and other tools. This is crucial since healing times are typically slower in the mouth than in other parts of the body.

*      Laser therapy can also help to decrease the risk of bacterial infections since the laser helps to thoroughly sterilize the area before any dental work is done. Bacterial infections can wreak havoc in a person’s mouth and need to be avoided.

If you are interested in learning how laser therapy is changing dental care. This site will give you information on the many dental treatments that are available and how they can improve the health of your smile. To schedule an appointment, contact the dental office of Anne Lyon DDS right away. She and her staff will work to protect the health of your smile so it remains beautiful for life.

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