As the name implies, personal injury lawyers are those who represent clients who have been injured through no fault of their own. These lawyers deal with the tort system of law which is civil law in the US. Civil law is very different than criminal law; therefore Chicago personal injury lawyers are very different than criminal lawyers or the prosecutor.

People have the right to sue another person or an entity that they believe caused them injury. In the US an injured person or a person who suffers damage to either himself or his property can sue under a body of common law known as tort. Tort law is unique to the US judicial system but other countries have similar systems that allow a victim to get compensated for injuries and loss suffered.

The objective of tort law or any civil law system is to ensure that the victim is put back into the same position he or she would have been in had there been no accident. If the injured party suffers medical costs, pain and suffering as well as damage to property, this person can sue the person or entity that caused the injury in an effort to recover all damages. Depending on the situation the court may also punish the person who was the cause of the injury by awarding punitive damages as well.
When a person is injured and he wishes to sue for compensation he will have to hire Chicago personal injury lawyers. The lawyers are responsible for filing all the necessary papers with the appropriate court; it is this action that institutes the lawsuit. The parties either settle in court in the presence of a judge and jury or they elect to settle out of court. Settling personal injury cases out of court is quite common.

The lawyers work with the client, known as the plaintiff, attempting to prove negligence and setting a course of action. A case may be brought as a result of negligence; it may also be brought if the wrong was intentional. The victim can sue someone who caused harm because he acted irresponsible, he may also sue someone who caused him intentional harm.

Most Chicago personal injury lawyers work on contingency. In cases like this the lawyer only gets paid if he is successful in winning the case. Should the lawyer win his fee is paid from the damages that were awarded, if on the other hand the lawyer fails to win the case he will not see any fees.

If you have been injured and you believe the injury was caused by negligence or an intentional action you have the right to hire Chicago personal injury lawyers and sue for damages. Contact Shea Law Group for more info.

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